Targeted Case Management

DCCH launched a new program in July 2019. We provide service coordination for children, adolescents, and adults living in Northern Kentucky. This preventive initiative is designed to assist low-income children and families access an array of wrap-around services, decreasing the odds of an out-of-home placement. We assist clients in obtaining and maintaining connections within their community to reach a level of optimal functioning and support. Areas of assistance include: medical, education, mental health, housing, employment, social, and more.

Targeted Case Management (TCM) Service Continuum

When a client is referred to DCCH's TCM Services, they can expect:

  • Therapists, school personnel, or other qualified professionals may identify a person and will send a referral to the DCCH TCM Coordinator for review. The Coordinator will then assign the referral to a Case Manager to begin services.
  • Case Manager and client(s) work collaboratively to complete a comprehensive assessment evaluating the client's perceptions of the presenting needs. This also provides a baseline of the areas in which a client may need assistance.
  • Case Manager uses the information to work with the client and develop an individualized care plan. Each client will have goals designed to address the areas of need identified in the assessment.

This program is unique because it is preventative. We are reaching out to and working with families before there is a crisis resulting in a child being removed from their home for treatment. This service is client-driven and developed to optimize their progress towards their individual goals.

Referral Process

Please email John Ross or call 859-331-2040 for information regarding the referral process.