Our mentors help children lift off and soar to greater heights!


Services include residential treatment, foster care, adoption, independent living, targeted case management, therapy and counseling services to meet all mental health needs for children, adolescents, adults, couples, and families in Northern Kentucky.

DCCH Center helps rebuild the lives of individuals with traumatic, emotional and behavioral difficulties. Our unique, onsite personalized approach allows each person to thrive socially, mentally, and physically, and make positive, permanent life changes.

As a Trauma Informed Care agency, we place an emphasis on interventions, decision-making, and infrastructure designed to promote healthy relationships based on self-care, safety, compassion, and understanding of the unique experiences of children, families, and staff.

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An Overcomer

A girl smiling A girl and her mom and dad A young lady's senior picture

At age four, Madison entered the foster care system. Little did she know her road to adoption was going to be a long one riddled with obstacles. Yet she always hoped for a brighter future.

Recent Prom Queen, Ignite Institute Senior, and soon to be graduate, turning 18 this month, Madison has overcome so much! Her mom and dad say, “You are so smart, the only limits that you will face are those you will place on yourself”.

Trauma marked much of her young life, first with parents who struggled with their own vices. A relative, then many foster homes and several short-term and long-term treatment center placements across Kentucky have been part of her history.

Madison remained a curious girl, using her brain, showing her ambitious nature and someone who could and would speak up for herself. She is artistic, and when younger she dreamt of living in Paris painting. She is a designer, taught herself to sew and made a dress without a pattern. She loves to sing too.

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Informational Meeting

Contact Us Today!

DCCH is hosting a public information meeting on October 9, 2023 on our campus. Our Team will share general foster care and adoption info AND how you can start the process of becoming a foster/adoptive parent with DCCH Center, all in a no-pressure atmosphere.

1:1 ZOOM information meetings can be scheduled if the scheduled info meetings do not fit someone’s schedule. Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. requesting a meeting with someone from our team.

National Foster Care Month

Kevin and Maria Stanton with daughters

St. Mary of the Assumption Church was the latest site for DCCH Center for Children and Families to inform parishioners of the many services the agency offers. Most urgent is the message that more foster and adoptive parents, mentors, and respite providers are being sought for the youth in Northern Kentucky. Prior DCCH foster/adoptive family, Kevin and Maria Stanton with daughters Ryann and Anna were on hand to help share information and pass out St. Joseph – foster father of Jesus prayer cards. DCCH is looking for more opportunities to partner with other churches to help spread the word.

May is National Foster Care Month, so please thank a foster/adoptive parent you know, say a prayer for them and help us recruit good people to care for all the children in the foster care system. For more information on how you can help, give our team a call!


The Geiman Family Adoptions

Geiman Family celebrating adoptions at courthouse

Dakota and Julia celebrated the adoption of their three little boys today!

The family sported matching shirts claiming April 17th to be Geiman Adoption Day. The three brothers were smiling and hugging all relatives and friends who came to celebrate with them. The extra special piece about this story is that during their fostering journey, Julia and Dakota were blessed with baby Nora. She now has three big brothers to look out for her!

Congratulations, Geiman family!


Just keep doing what you’re doing because you guys are saving lives—not just the kids, but the families too!

I have been working alongside Jessica Postel for a year on Max’s case. I wanted to take the time to reach out to you to say just how great of a job Jessica has done and continues to do. I don’t know that I have ever had a more dedicated case manager than Jessica in my 6 years with the Cabinet. She remembers every detail of the case and keeps them in mind as she plans her course of action. She is a great advocate and works hard to provide excellent service to Max and her foster parents. Jessica has worked diligently to ensure things are completely timely and keeps everyone informed. I hope Max doesn’t move homes because he will no longer have Jessica as part of his team and I worry if he will be provided this level of services anywhere else. All this to say Jessica is very appreciated and I wanted to take time to express just how great she is at her job.

I wanted to take a minute to share with you how AWESOME Kelly Lightner (Therapy Center Therapist) has been to our family. Kelly is responsive and supportive of us as we navigate our daughter’s big emotions, always able to provide the right words and holds space in the hard times. Our daughter considers Kelly a friend.