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The DCCH Flea Market is a neighborhood gem...thanks to the community donors who help fill our shelves with unique merchandise; the amazing volunteers who devote so much time and energy to processing donations; and local businesses like Two Men and a Truck that donate time and resources.

Thank you! Your support will #ChangeLives!

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Self-care is any intentional actions you take to care for your physical, mental and emotional health. Sounds pretty simple doesn’t it? It can be a little more complicated than that. Believing you deserve it, putting yourself before others at times, and taking the time out of your day are some of the obstacles to doing this.

The more tangible goals for self-care are easier to identify: eat healthy, exercise, sleep well. Most of us can relate to working towards these goals at least once in our life. But even these are pretty difficult to stick too. It’s the ones that focus on the inner-self, that are really challenging.

Emotional self-care is vital to a healthy being. It can be as simple as taking a few minutes a day to meditate. Taking a step back is key. However, more often than not, we find ourselves wrapped up in bad situations that we unknowingly make worse by how we react to them. A few deep breaths when you are feeling stressed or out of sorts can work wonders!

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581 days after being removed from their mother’s care, three siblings left DCCH’s Therapeutic Foster Care program to live with a relative. The children’s foster parents celebrated this family’s reunion by hosting a good-bye party! They invited baby sitters, classmates, teachers, and respite providers to honor the friendships made and the memories created with the children. This success story was made possible through the sacrifices and devotion of DCCH foster parents and the support of our therapists, case managers, and respite care providers. DCCH is honored to have played a part in bringing everyone together for a happy future!

Interested in becoming a foster or respite parent? Our Therapeutic Foster Care Team is here to support you every step of the way. Help us write the next success story!

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DCCH was nominated again this year by VonLehman for their X Gives Back contest. The non-profit with the most votes will receive a $5,000 check at halftime during the Xavier University Men's vs. Marquette game on January 29th. Plus, your vote enters you in a drawing for four (4) tickets to that game if DCCH is the winner.

Click the link below, get your vote in, and share with all your friends. Help us get $5,000 for the children in our care!! (We are listed as DCCH Center for Children & Families.) to place your vote.