Santa Comes To Town

One of everyone's favorite days here at DCCH is the children's Christmas concert and party. They practice very hard to put on a fun show. This past Sunday was the big day, and here's a few highlights:

  • The children sang beautifully, and even had a surprise visit during their rendition of “I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas”! Who knew a hippo could fit in our gym?
  • Santa dropped in with gifts for the kids.
  • The NKY Cheerleading & Dance Coaches Association (pictured below with DCCH Executive Director Bob Wilson) showed up as Santa’s elves to help pass out gifts and goodies!

Special thanks to Mike and Kelly Epplen, as well as the St. Henry District High School Honor Society Leadership, for providing food and drinks for the party.

Finally, thank you to everyone that made the night very special for the kids. Because of you, the Christmas Spirit is alive and bright in their hearts and on their faces.