The Endow Kentucky Tax Credit enables Kentucky taxpayers to receive a state tax credit of up to 20% of their charitable gifts to endowments at qualified community foundations benefitting Kentucky-based nonprofits. The tax credit may be taken against individual income tax, corporation income tax or limited liability income tax. The tax credit is taken off the state tax bill dollar-for-dollar, and federal and state tax deductions still apply.

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DCCH has established endowments at both Greater Cincinnati Foundation (GCF) and Horizon Community Funds. Donations to these endowed funds allow us to continue to carry out our mission far into the future. The greater the endowments, the more annual support we can count on from interest earned by the endowments. So, a gift to one of these endowments is a gift that lasts forever.

We hope you will consider joining many of our other kind donors who have helped establish and continue to give to DCCH’s Endowments. Use the buttons below for more information from Greater Cincinnati Foundation and Horizon Community Funds of Northern Kentucky. Contact information is located on the downloads.


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