Success Stories

Earlier this year, we received a letter from Kentucky Governor, Matt Bevin. He congratulated DCCH on their accomplishment of 100 adoptions since the program started. Click on the image or this link to view the whole letter.

A letter from the Governor

Since 1988 when President Ronald Reagan proclaimed May as National Foster Care Month, each President has made the same Proclamation. This tradition is a great way to honor foster parents for the work, sacrifices and love they share but it also highlights the need for good families to care for abused and neglected children across the nation.

Show them you care.

Ron Bertsch

November 8, 2016

A few years ago, I attended a presentation by professor, author and speaker, Leonard Sweet. He was addressing a group of mostly church ministers from around the tri-state at a Pastor’s Appreciation Breakfast hosted by STAR93 radio. The reason for my presence was to promote our need for foster and adoptive parents here at the DCCH Center.

What struck me so profoundly, though, was Mr. Sweet’s message.